A Love Story at The Shearing Shed, Phillip Island

I've got the lowdown on a recent gig that was way more than just another wedding – it was the seriously awesome celebration of Gabby and Alec at The Shearing Shed on Phillip Island. And the best part? I've known Gabby for years, back from our cafe days, so this one was extra special.

Setting the Stage:

Phillip Island is nothing short of a dreamy backdrop, and The Shearing Shed? Well, let's just say it took the whole vibe up a notch. The rustic charm and scenic beauty set the scene for the ultimate love party.

Documenting the Magic:

As the designated memory maker, my job was to freeze-frame all the good stuff.

Whether it was a stolen moment between Gabby and Alec or the speeches that tugged at the heartstrings, every shot was about capturing the genuine feels.

Their love was palpable, and the photos? They're like a visual love letter.

The Shearing Shed's Magic:

The Shearing Shed wasn't just a venue; it was like the love headquarters. From the heartfelt ceremony to the laid-back reception, this place was the canvas where Gabby and Alec painted their love story.

Closing Thoughts:

So, there you have it – Gabby] and Alec's wedding at The Shearing Shed was a total game-changer. Having a history with Gabby made it all the more special, and being the lens through which their love was captured? Truly an honour. Here's to Gabby and Alec, may your love story keep unfolding, and may these photos serve as a timeless reminder of the epic love that unfolded on Phillip Island!

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